2008 Winter Redfishing in Wilmington, NC is Fantastic!

Great sight fishing and Fly fishing for redfish in NC

January 11, 2008
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It was due time to have Jeff Smerko back in the boat for some redfishing. With the warm weather and incredible fishing we are experiencing this week he chose the right day to come down to Wilmington and catch his first redfish of 2008. Mutual friend and offshore mate Donald Aiken joined Jeff and together these two made an impressive team. With lots of laughter, nonsense and topwater action for all of us to enjoy we had a great day on the water.

The morning started off slick calm and the sun warming the air at 10:00 am to 66 degrees F. Good morning light and two willing anglers we set our first destination in search of a rather elusive school of fish I have found on hit or miss terms. Today I missed, however it gave me a chance to acclimate Donald to my favorite topwater technique. He mastered it quickly and set me up to be able to take he and Jeff to Honey Hole #1. The water was extremely low and clear today and Jeff and Donald hunted well together keeping their feet quiet on the deck and casting long distances to intercept waking fish. We spooked a few collegiate fish and pushed a school after sight casting to a few early on. Score cards were looking bleak at noon but we remained vigilant.

It was time to take the Hombres to the prize and after a short run and a little poling I located a large school of willing reds about 300-400 fish. Jeff smoked’em on the first topwater shot he had and got me and Donald fired up. A quick grip and grin, release and we were back on the school with Donald and Jeff doubling up. In all the excitement Donald broke out the video camera (coming soon) and filmed Jeff hooking up on topwater. Can you believe it, topwater redfishing in January! What an awesome day. So the boys ended up with nine fish total some 6lbs and a few pushing 7. Donald and I spotted one about 15lbs. a real brute.


At the end of the day they encouraged me to hook one on fly and Donald captured that on film in the fading light of the sun setting. It was an epic day and I will post the videos as soon as possible.
In the meantime the fishing is fantastic and I can think of no better way to bring in the New Year than to get out on the water and chase some fish with fly and light tackle gear. If you want to experience the best the Cape Fear has to offer look no further. Give me a call to book your adventure today.

Tight Loops & Lines,
Captain Seth Vernon


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