Striped Bass fishing is still going Strong in Boston Habor!!!

Stripers are in pretty good!!!

June 14, 2010
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Hello All,

Well the bass fishing still is going strong, with some nice bass coming over the rail as well as alot of numbers of smaller fish which have not been around in quite a few years.

Last week we had a mixed bag of fishing. Monday was a day that was on fire with birds working all over the place. Not just seagulls and terns but alot of offshore birds like Gannets which can dive down under the water 30 ft for bait. So it made it challenging to fish the live bait as the birds were trying to get them just as fast as the fish.


We were sitting on a huge school of fish and bait as you will see in one of the pictures I will post in the photo section. I took a picture of the Chart plotter, fishfinder and all the red streaks are bass and the rest is bait. The bite was insane and this top water action went on for hours. We ended up with around 30 bass between 20 inches and 36 inches. The smaller fish were just quicker than the bigger bass we were marking. We caught fish on live bait, then switched to top water and caught bass on Pencils poppers as well as Mann’s deep divers to try and hook up into some larger fish.

The next day we went out to find some live macks, fished outside Boston Harbor for a while and picked up a few small keeper fish. Heard the bite was going off inside, where we had been the day before so we ran in. It was insane again, Big school of fish eating herring and birds from hell!!! LOL

We put out some live macks down deep to see if we could hook up on some big fish we were marking deep but they were keyed in on the herring and would not even sniff the macks. So we went back to artficials, we dropped down some big sluggo’s to the bottom, jigged and WAM fish on. So we picked up a half dozen fish before the school broke up.


Because we had picked up some small to medium bass the days prior we decided to go out on our next trip and stay outside and work the deeper water with live macks to see if we could find more of the big bass we had been getting the weeks prior. We ended up doing pretty well with 7 fish, all keepers, we had 4 fish between 28 inches and 37 inches and 3 larger fish 19lbs, 22lbs and 25 lbs. So that plan worked out pretty well.

We had a few days off as the rain and wind did not cooperate. So we decided to go out yesterday and try for some flounder as we heard the bite had been pretty good. Well it was, in a couple of hours we ended up with over 25 flounder. Some were too small to keep but I think it was 18 or 19 keepers that went home to be filleted.

We still have some great dates open for Private and Shared Trips for Striped Bass and Bluefish. Also the Blue Fin Tuna bite is on fire and there are some big bad tuna out there this year. If you want to get out and play give us a call. I will be putting up some new shared trip dates in a day or so, so come back and check and see if any of those dates work for you as well.


Tight Lines!!!


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