Striped Bass & Bluefish Report 6/30/09

Tough Weather!!!

July 2, 2009

Hi All, well we have really been frustrated with the weather as of late, this is the longest time I have ever seen such an unstable weather pattern above our heads. I NEED SUNSHINE!!!!!!!!I think this weather has some of the fish screwed up as well. LOL

We have gotten some trips in in the past 2 weeks and some we have had to reschedule due to the weather.

The water temps are below normal, we have a ton of bait around, we have fish around but half the time they have had lock jaw due to all of these east wind days. We have also been dealing with alot of fog as well. But we have been catching fish, Just not in the numbers we usually expect this time of year on Live bait.


We had a nice family here from Ohio last week and their 7-8 year old son Corey put the boots to a nice 12lb Bluefish he caugth all by him self, it was an awesome site and the biggest fish he has ever caught so he was pumped.

We have also been doing a little flounder fishing as well as some clients have requested it and we have been doing pretty good with some nice flatties around.

Yesterday we took out some kids from the Special Olypics as part of the Kids Day trip that is held every year thru the Fishing Academy. Alot of Boston Harbor Charter Captains donate their time for this event and it is a great way to get inner city kids out on the water for an experience they hopefully will never forget. The girls we had on board did really good and caught some nice Flounder. They were a pleasure to have on board, and we had alot of fun doing the trip so I will be putting their pictures up in the photo section.


The bigger bass have been playing hard to get since we had that blow last weekend. They are here, just really lock jawed the last few trips out. The water inside the harbor looks like mud from all the recent rain, we have been able to get live pogies to fish with, but that was work last week as well due to the big NE storm.

Hopefully this weather is going to break soon. There are a ton of Striped Bass & Bluefish out on Stellwagon Bank as well, eating sand eels till their hearts content. Cape Cod Bay, the outer beaches and south of the cape have alot of fish still moving north and headed this way so we hope that things will break wide open any day with some nice fresh fish moving into Boston harbor. The water temperature is starting to rise which will help as well now that we are at least getting days into the mid 70’s instead of 60’s.

The Bluefin Tuna bite went from red hot to a little slow the last several days. But that can change at any hour and there are some big bluefin out there this year, If you are interested in tangling with a few of these bad dogs of the neighborhood let us know as we have the boat and the gear to go get some of these speed demons in the boat.


I am going to put up some of our latest clients photo’s for you to enjoy. I will be posting some Shared Trip Dates that are available in a day or so. We also have other great dates available for any trips you might be interested in. So if you would like to get out on the beautiful saltwater surrounding Boston Harbor, give us a call and we will get you out there!!!


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