Striped Bass & Bluefin Tuna Report

The fall run is ON!!!!

September 27, 2009

Hello All,

Well we have had a busy week on the water.
Sunday we did a tuna trip and hooked up to one for about 10 seconds and it was off. We had whales everywhere, bait everywhere and were marking tuna but had no joy for us as the bite was slow all day. There were about 200 boats out on the bank and we only saw 2 people hooked up all day and only saw one of those 2 land the fish.

Moday we went for bass and the fish had lock jaw, we were marking bait and fish but the fish would not eat.


Wed we went to the tuna grounds again. When we got on the bank all hell was breakin loose. There were whales breaching everywhere, Bait flying all over the place the birds were going nuts and so were the Tuna. We had tuna busting all over the place around us. It was a sloppy day as we were in 3-4 ft seas all day. We put baits in the water and a deep diver. We had one knock down on the deep diver for about a minute and boom the fish was gone. Later in the afternoon things got really quite. We had a rod go down with the deep diver on it again. The fish was not pulling and fighting like a tuna. when we got it to the boat it was some type of huge brown scate like creature. I would say it weighed about 15-20 lbs, we released it to swim another day. We took some pictures of it for all to see. But unfortunatley we had no more tuna joy for the day.

Thurday we did some bass fishing and finally had a bite going. We found some top water action and threw some light tackle lures out and landed about a half dozen nice blues to around 10 lbs. After the fish went down we decided to go do some drifting with some live pogies and hooked up into one nice bass around 25 lbs and 5 more blues between 10 & 12 lbs. Man they fight hard.

Friday was postponed due to all this %$%$%$%$ty weather we have had all season!!!!!!!!


Saturday we did another bass trip and landed a couple of nice Keeper bass, one around 12 lbs and the other around 15 lbs.

Today we had to cancel another Tuna trip due to weather again!!!!!

The fall run is getting into full swing and we are starting to see more schools of bait coming into the harbor as well as big Striped Bass and Bluefish.


Now is the time to get out there and get that fish of a lifetime as the feedbag is on. The tuna bite has been hot as well, sometimes you get em and sometimes you don’t but Stellwagon bank is a neat place to be offshore. There are tuna everywhere, bait and whales all over the place, so you just have to pound that water till you get a tuna to eat, then its game on ZZZIIINNNNNNGGG!!!

We have plenty of good dates left for the season. I will also be posting some new Shared Trip dates. If you want to get out and get a rod bender on, give us a call as this is the best part of the season and soon it will be over till spring. We will be booking trips until November 1st so there is plenty of time to get out there.


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