Some big Striped Bassies around!!!

Stipers and Bluefish oh my!!!

June 29, 2010

Well we had has some good days and a few slow days over the weekend.
Last week was a mixed bag as we had a really good day on Wed.
Pam and I went out scouting for fish and we ended up doing really well.
We caught well over a dozen Stripers 30 inches to 25lbs. Also hooked into a few bluefish as well but because we were not using steel leaders lost them on the way in as they bit thru the leader.

Saturday we had a slow bite, but still managed a few quality Striped Bass. The biggest fish of the day was 25 lbs, We also managed a few fish in the 18-20 lb range and some sub leagel bass under 28 inches that went back for another day.

Sunday was a beautiful morning on Boston Harbor as there was no wind and the water was like glass but the fish were playing hard to get. We were marking a ton of bass all day long, every where we went. We had plenty of fresh mackerel for them to eat and big baits at that, but the fish were just playing with the baits. We did manage a nice hookup early in the day to a very large Striper but angler error prevented it from getting into the boat. It happens!!!!


But the rest of the day we watched Stripers come up and flip the baits and then play with them but not eat. I think this past full moon had them off the feed.

There are a ton of Striped bass and bait around and now we are coming off the full moon so look out as the feed bag will be back on in a big way. If you want to get out and have some fun with some big bass give us a call as there have been alot of surface feeding bass as well which are a ton of fun on light tackle.

I will post the pictures in the photo section for you to check out, you can veiw them at


We have some great dates available for stripers and Bluefish as well as Bluefin tuna. So give us a call and we will get you out there to rip some lips and have a great time.


Thursday – July 8th – 2 spots open
Thursday – July 15th – open
Sunday – July 18th 3 spots open
Thursday- July 22nd – open
Sunday – July 25th – open


Trips are $150 per person, need at least 3 people per trip to make it worthwhile. call us or email us if your are interested in any of these dates.
Tight lines!!


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