Fat Striped Bass, what a day!!! The fall run is On!!!

Its going to get crazy out there!!!

September 7, 2010

Hello all, I know I just did a report a few days ago but had to put up this report up from yesterday. We took out my nephew Adam and his girlfriend Sarah, this is Sarah’s second time ever fishing for Striped Bass.

Well let em tell you she is in the zone baby!!! LOL We headed out early am. to get some pogies and needless to say there were a lot of people in there trying to get bait, So it was a bit tough getting some in the net with everybody stirring around on top of them as all that will do is keep them down, but we managed to get a good set and took off the fish right away.

Our first stop was devoid of big fish but there where fish there that were trying to eat our pogies but they just were not big enough. We moved to a different place that I love to fish this time of year, and the tide was just prime for it.


We get to the next spot and it is a zoo of people. We get our baits rigged and on our 1st pass Sarah gets her 1st fish of the day around 23 lbs. Next up Adam gets another nice fat bass, almost twins. We fished this spot for the next 2 hours and managed 8 bass between 20 lbs & 29 lbs.

Oh Yes and did I tell you someone ran over one of the biggest fish we had on because he was not paying attention, SO we lost that one for sure as the line got cut off by the guys prop!!! Of course he was only 5 feet beside me so I have no idea how that happened.

People please remember that just because a boat is hooked up to a fish does not mean that the fish are only under their boat. FISH SWIM!!!


Ok anyway, we moved to another spot after taking turns and loading up the fish box and Sarah got her biggest fish of the day a nice fat 32 lber. She is a natural at fighting fish and I think we may have another fishing addict around LOL. I will post the pictures from yesterday of the fish, we got some nice fish for some friends of ours who are out of work as well as sarah got some nice fish to take home for her mom and dad for the freezer. All in all it was a really fun day. I totally enjoy getting someone into some nice fat Striped bassies, especially when they have never experienced it before!!!

Thanks to Hurricane Earl i think the fall run is on in a big way, there were a lot of fish caught out in the harbor yesterday and it is just the beginning. Over the next month and a half it is gonna get even better.

We have plenty of open dates to get you out on the water to play with some of these big bassies and bluefish.
Please don’t hesitate to call and see what is available. This is some of the best fishing of the year from now till the end of October when you have a shot at a bass of a lifetime.


You can check out the pictures from yesterday in the photo section of the web site at

Tight lines!!!


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