Big Striped Bass and Bluefish coming over the rail!!!

Fall run mode is starting!!!

September 6, 2010

Hi All, well the fishing continues to be good!!! With the past couple of storms, the 4 day Nor Easter we had and now, Hurricane Earl out of the way things should resume to great fishing. We are on the verge of the fall run and things are starting to roll.

We had a couple of really good days last week even in all that 95 degree heat.
Last Monday we took a run out for Tuna as we heard the bite had been hot. On the run to the bank we came across a few tuna feeding on the surface and bait spraying out of the water. We put a few pogies in the water and also threw some top water at them but we did not get hooked up, so we hit the NW corner and it was dead, headed south to the Double LL’s and it was quite also, called a few friends down on the SW and it was dead there as well so we decided to work the double LL’s for a while and see what happens, after working the are for about 20 min some Tuna started to show, we worked it for quite a while and we were marking good as well. Had a takedown on a deep diver which broke off, and that was it for the day, nobody wanted to play with our pogies either. Thats tuna fishin!!!

Wed we went out for Bass and Blues and hammered the fish, we caught 4 Striped bass, one smaller keeper around 36 inches, 2 fish around 26 lbs each and one 33 lber, also caught 8 bluefish between 8 and 13 lbs. it was a great day and some nice fish to boot


Thursday we had a trip with a gentlemen from Japan and we thought after Wednesday’s bite it was gonna be a great day, especially with the hurricane coming in, usually it turns the feed bag on. Well we only managed one bass for the day around 18 lbs. We were on fish all day long they just would not eat.

We decided to pull the boat out of the water due to the hurricane forecast, so we did not fish for a few days. She is back in the water and we will be out there tomorrow rippin some lips for sure.
This cool weather coming in after Earl is sure to get the bass biting in fall run mode.
So get out there as there are some nice fish to be had for sure.

We have some great dates available for trips so give us a call if you are interested and we will get you out on the water!!!


We are coming into the best fishing of the season right now!!!

You can check out the latest fish pictures on the site in our photo section.


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