For anglers, boaters and other water-lovers, Nomad offers garden hose convenience anywhere

The first portable, pressurized water sprayer for the water sports enthusiast

If you've ever come off the water and wished you had a garden hose nearby, Nomad can help. The first portable, pressurized water sprayer for the water sports enthusiast, Nomad lets anglers, pleasure boaters and other water-lovers quickly and easily spray clean fishing gear, marine accessories and more before heading home. Nomad harnesses the power of your car or boats 12 volt power outlet to give you 3½ gallons of on-site water spray -- enough pressurized water to clean out live wells, clean up fishing gear, spray clean waders and rinse off sand, mud or salt water. Nomad also helps you clean your boat when moving between bodies of water. This way you can better observe regulations aimed at preventing the spread of infestation with unwanted species.

Water skiers, scuba divers, surfers, boogie boarders and even kayakers can clean up and even shower off before stowing their gear. With 30 feet of reach and an adjustable spray nozzle that delivers a powerful stream or a gentle mist, Nomad is safe enough for cleaning around hatches and seals, and won't harm people or pets. Built-in pockets make it convenient to carry cleaning accessories with you wherever you go.

Nomad is brought to you by TTI North America, the parent company of Dirt Devil, Royal and Hoover - people who know dirt. Nomad is ideal for every outdoor cleanup. One tank cleans a car and more.

Nomad is available online at Suggested retail price is $169.99.