Airflo's Depth Finder Quick Max

Airflo's Depth Finder Quick Max is designed to make a line that is forgiving to cast without compromising its ability to sink.

Airflo line

Airflo line

Airflo has introduced a new family of lines designed to get yourfly in the fishes' faces and keep it there. The goal was to make aline that is forgiving to cast without compromising its ability tosink, and the Depth Finder Quick Max does just that.

The Quick Max is easy to roll cast, pick up and shoot. The linehas a condensed sink portion measuring 22 feet and is backed upwith 6 feet of intermediate sink designed to match the sinkingportion in weight and stiffness. This combination of lengths makesit perform like a long line without the drawbacks of a line with along head. The rear portion and running line are different colors,so you'll always know which line is which.

Unlike most integrated-head lines which increase in arbitraryincrements, Quick Max lines correspond to a specific weight to helpyou put the optimal line on your rod. The formula for the weightswas developed with the help of Steve and Tim Rajeff. The #6 weighs190 grains; the #7 weighs 225 grains; the #8, 260 grains, and onup.

The new Depth Finder Quick Max lines come in seven sizes rangingfrom a #6 line to a #12 line with a sinking portion that weighs 475grains. The lines are 105 feet long and are made with Airflo'spatented two-layer polyurethane PolyFuse process.

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