The Abel Travel Craft

Go Where You Wanna Go


Ever sat in your boat and looked across flats that were too shallow to cross and too far to walk, or wanted to really fish a no-motor zone? The kicker is you just know that's where the fish are. How do you get in there and fish those spots? Abel has an idea nine years in the making ¿- the Travel Craft.
This 92-inch long, 50-inch wide inflatable boat has 24 feet of surface area on the water yet only weighs 17 pounds. Its made from UV-protected polyurethane with a polyester woven base material bonded together in a sandwich-type construction for lasting durability. The boat has three separate air chambers with the seat comprising only half the bottom, leaving room to stand up and wade when you want. No climbing in and out while the boat jostles around under you. The Abel Travel Craft comes complete with stripping apron, back rest, foot pump, oars and a carrying bag (still only 27 pounds all totaled). When completely inflated the Abel Travel Craft carries up to 440 pounds, so you can carry everything you need for an extended trip. And it inflates in a matter of minutes ¿- what more could you want? No skinny water is safe any more.
The Abel Travel Craft retails for $1300. For more information contact Abel Reels, 165 Aviador St., Camarillo, CA 93010; 805-484-8789.