A Self-Releasing Fish Hook

The circle hook is widely recognized for its conservation capabilities. But a new hook design, tested by researchers, takes safe releases to a whole new level.

It’s the Habitat, Stupid

If coastal habitat degradation continues, our favorite fisheries will continue to decline no matter what regulatory measures are put in place.

Women in Fishing podcast

Women in Fishing

Gear, tactics, travel and more from the female angler’s perspective.


Fishing Boats

Pursuit DC 326 running offshore

Fishing Boat Reviews

Fishing Boat Reviews   Thinking about buying a boat? Salt Water Sportsman is here to help, with an extensive library of fishing boat reviews.

2022 Boat Buyers Guide

2022 Boat Buyers Guide

2022 Fishing Boat Buyers Guide Salt Water Sportsman Magazine’s 2022 Fishing Boat Buyers Guide features the top new boats on the market. Find all