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September 21, 2007

Tying the Uni-Knot

Whether snugged tight or left as a loop, the uni-knot blends simplicity with strength.

The uni-knot is as simple and versatile as knots get. Use it to tie on a hook, lure or swivel for a fast and secure connection. The uni-knot allows the angler to snug the knot to the standing part of the line, away from the eye of the hook, to form a small loop that improves the retrieve action on some lures. Set the hook after a strike and the knot tightens down to the eye of the hook without compromising line strength. After the catch is released, the angler can pull the knot away from the hook eye, moving it up the standing part of the line to recreate the loop and resume fishing with the strike-inciting action.


1. Pass about six inches of line through the eye of the hook and lay it next to the standing part to make two parallel lines. Bring the tag end back toward the hook to form a loop below the standing line.


2. Wrap the tag end around the doubled line and through the loop five or six times.


3. Wet the knot with saliva and pull the tag end to snug the knot to the standing line. Then pull on the standing line to slide the knot up against the eye. Once the knot is tight, trim the tag end closely.


Option: To leave a loop open at the eye of the hook, follow the same steps up to where the wraps are snugged around the standing line. Slide the knot toward the eye until a loop of the desired size is created, and then tighten the knot by pulling the tag end with a pair of pliers. Trim the tag end.