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September 21, 2007

Tying the Spider Hitch

The spider hitch is a handy fishing knot for doubling the end of your line

Many anglers use the Spider Hitch in lieu of a Bimini Twist when they want to double the end of their fishing line. The Spider Hitch is easier to tie than a Bimini, and can be used with either monofilament or braided line to form a double line with twice the strength of a single strand. It also works well with heavy monofilament.


Spider Knot

1. Double the line and form a small loop.



Spider Knot

2. Grasp loop between thumb and forefinger.



Spider Knot

3. Wrap doubled line five times around thumb and loop, then pass doubled line through loop.



Spider Knot

4. Slowly pull on end of doubled line so that wraps unwind off thumb. To make a small, properly formed knot, it's important to pull on all four "legs" of the line firmly and evenly while tightening.




Basic Knots & Rigs

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