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September 21, 2007

Tying the Two-Wrap Hangman's Knot

The two-wrap hangman's knot gives a plug plenty of wiggle room.

The two-wrap hangman's knot forms a loop that gives a lure or fly more freedom of movement - and more fish-tempting action. The knot can be used for monofilament line in a wide range of diameters, making it a useful addition to the toolbox of nearly every angler.

Since the two-wrap hangman's knot forms a sliding loop, it can be tightened at any point on the standing line to form a loop of any size. When the hook is set, the knot will slide down and tighten against the eye of the hook or lure. Once the angler lands the fish, the loop is easy to re-form - simply slide the knot back up the standing line to create a new loop. Here's how to tie the two-wrap hangman's knot:


1. Thread the tag end through the eye of the hook or lure. Then, wrap the tag around the standing line twice. Be sure to keep the loops loose by holding them open with your fingers.


2. Push the tag end back through both loops and away from the hook or lure.


3. Draw the knot tight by pulling on the tag end. At this point, hold the knot at the point on the standing part of the line that will create a loop of the desired size.


4. If no loop is desired, pull the standing line to tighten the knot against the eye.