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September 21, 2007

Basic Knots + Rigs - Round the Bend

A simple loop passed over the hook gives the palomar knot all the strength of the line.

One of the simplest, strongest terminal connections, the palomar knot retains 100 percent of the line strength when tied with braid or monofilament. The vise-like grip of the knot comes from passing the loop around the hook, lure or swivel before being snugged. This step makes it nearly impossible for the knot to slip under even the most intense strain. Usable with nearly any diameter line, the palomar knot can be tied easily - and correctly - in difficult conditions.


Step 1

Double the line to create a loop at the end of the main line. Make sure the loop is large enough to fit around the hook, lure or swivel that is being secured. Pass the loop through the eye of the the hook, lure or swivel.

Step 2
Tie an overhand knot with the doubled line, so the hook, lure or swivel is on the doubled line in the knot. Do not snug it tight just yet.
Step 3
Pass the end loop around the hook, lure or swivel, bringing the loop all the way up to the overhand knot. Wet the loose knot with saliva or water and slowly pull the main line and tag end while pulling the hook, lure or swivel in the opposite direction. Snug the knot tight and trim the tag end.
Illustrations: Jameson Simpson