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October 23, 2012

How to Tie the Perfection Loop Knot

Tie this easy loop knot in the butt of your leader.

Once your backing and fly line are taken care of, it’s time to think about your leader, starting with the butt section. Probably the most common and, luckily, one of the easiest loop knots to use in the butt of a leader is a perfection loop. The perfection loop can be tied very quickly and is a pretty-small finished knot, which means it can pass through the guides easily. This is good since it’s the first knot of your leader that will do so when you have a fish close at hand. When the perfection loop is tied properly, the tag end should extend perpendicular from the loop.

Tying Difficulty: Easy

Breaking Strength: Approximately 85-90%

Tying Hint: When you use a perfection loop in the end of the butt section of your leader (to attach to your fly line), be mindful of how big the actual loop will be. For casting purposes, you really don’t want nor do you need this loop to be too big. This is an easy knot to tie, but getting to where you can control the size of the finished loop might take a couple of tries.

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