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June 07, 2013

Gulf of Mexico Bottom Fishing Techniques

Brush up on bottom fishing gear and techniques to make the most of your next long-range trip.

Tying the Albright special

Anglers often have problems connecting braid to their leader. A failed connection is not always due to slippage. Often the braid actually cuts through the mono. Multiple wraps spread out the pressure and prevent this. The Albright special is a good knot choice for this connection, but it's crucial to tie it carefully and correctly.


Step 1. Start by forming a standard Albright with 13 to 15 wraps of braid around the doubled mono. As usual, pass the tag end through the end, but with the braid, pass it through twice.  
Step 2. Wrap the leader around your shoe three times. Wrap the running line around a dowel or screwdriver handle about eight times, and hold it in one hand. Finally, wrap the tag end around a second dowel eight times, and hold it in the other hand.  
Step 3. Stabilizing the leader with the weight of your foot, pull alternately on the tag end and running line. Gradually tighten the tag and running line three times.
Step 4. This method of tying the Albright sounds time-consuming, but it's well worth it. An Albright tied with braid must be tightened gradually and completely before it is deployed. If the knot has any play left in it, the sudden jolt of a fish will tighten the knot unevenly, causing the braid to cut through the mono.