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September 21, 2007

Tying the Spider Hitch Knot

The spider hitch is a fast route to a strong double line.

The spider hitch is an easy way to double a line for light-tackle fishing. Anglers using lines lighter than 30-pound-test can double the main line to add strength to the terminal rig before tying on a leader or swivel. While not as good of a shock absorber as the Bimini twist, the spider hitch retains a high percentage of line strength and can be tied quickly, even in the dark.


Step 1
Double a length of main line, and use the doubled line to form a small loop where the final knot is desired.
Step 2
Hold the small loop between the thumb and index finger, pinching it low so the tip of the thumb extends beyond where the line is gripped. The small loop should extend past the thumb.
Step 3
Wrap the main loop around the tip of the thumb and the small loop five times. Pass the main loop of doubled line through the small loop.
Step 4
Gently pull on the main loop to pull the turns of line off the thumb. Moisten the knot with saliva. Pull the main loop and the main line and tag end. If any loops of single line protrude as the knot forms, pull them even with tugs on the main line or the tag end before snugging the knot down.
Illustrations by Jameson Simpson