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February 28, 2013

Catch Stripers Near Structure on Poppers

When you have to first get their attention, pick a popper for the job.

On the other hand, pro angler Zeno Hromin says wooden sinking poppers are more ­realistic. “Few natural baits actually sit on the surface: They come up, make a little commotion, then sink.” Thus wooden poppers worked correctly imitate the real thing effectively. Hromin also points out that in rough surf, floating poppers tend to bounce around on the surface, whereas sinkers hold position better. 

Without a doubt, poppers really work wonders around structure. And they can be all-out fun to use because surface strikes are just awesome. So give them a try next time you come across fishy structure. 

Poppers for Stripers

Working a popper across those areas likely to hold fish can be hugely productive, and it offers a powerful ­strategy even when feeding fish are not visible. Look for seams in the current or other areas where stripers are likely to wait in ambush in the lee of structure or a drop-off where bait is likely to get swept over, and work the popper there.


Popping for stripers


Year-round; spring and fall tend to be the best


From North Carolina to Maine


Chesapeake Bay: Capt. Richie Gains

New Jersey: Capt. Gene Quigley

New York: Capt. Frank Crescitellil

Connecticut: Capt. Blain Anderson

Rhode Island: Capt. Greg Snow

Cape Cod: Capt. Terry Nugent