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May 03, 2011

Honeywell introduces new Spectra fiber for high-performance fishing line

Smallest-diameter Spectra fiber available helps enable smoother casts and better line sensitivity

MORRIS TOWNSHIP, N.J. - Honeywell announced today that it has introduced a new Spectra fiber for high-performance fishing line that offers high strength and stretch resistance in a smaller-diameter fiber, enabling smoother casting and better line sensitivity for catching a wider variety of fish.
The new product, which is 25 percent smaller than previous Spectra fibers, will allow manufacturers to develop new, high-performance fishing lines that offer serious anglers more capability than lines made with existing fibers. The fiber's smaller diameter will allow fishing line manufacturers to braid more fibers into a single round line, resulting in a product that glides more quietly and easily during casts, and provides anglers with improved stealth and line sensitivity to fish.
"Spectra fiber has been a trusted name in fishing line for decades, and this new fiber will help our customers meet demand for fishing line that offers the strength of larger lines with the performance and sensitivity of smaller lines," said Chris Miller, marketing manager for Honeywell's Advanced Fibers and Composites business. "Fishing lines made with this new product can help anglers cast and catch fish with greater ease."
The lower denier, or size, of the fiber enables manufacturers to develop new superline fishing lines with lower test weights, which expands their product portfolios and offers anglers more capability while freshwater fishing.
Fishing line containing Spectra is four times stronger than nylon fishing line of a similar diameter, and is highly resistant to chemicals and UV light. All Spectra products exhibit outstanding abrasion resistance, which helps fishing lines last longer.
Spectra fiber, which is pound-for-pound 15 times stronger than steel, is made from ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene using a patented gel-spinning process. The fiber is used in many industrial and recreational applications, including rope and lifting slings, mooring lines, hurricane-resistant panels for windows and doors, sail cloth, and security netting.
The fiber is also the foundation of the Spectra Shield II line of ballistic materials, used in bullet-resistant armor for military and police personnel. Spectra Shield II products are used in some of the world's most advanced armor systems, ranging from bullet-resistant vests, breast plates, and helmets to combat vehicles and military aircraft.
Honeywell maintains an active Spectra fiber and ballistic material research and development program focused on meeting increased demand for its high-performance materials.

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