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October 13, 2011

Seatrout Tactics for Mississippi's Biloxi Marsh

The Mississippi Gulf Coast may be short, but it still holds a great deal of saltwater-marsh habitat.

Biloxi Seatrout

What: Seatrout.

When: Fishing for seatrout is a year-round deal off Biloxi and coastal Mississippi. More slow-trolling and fishing in and along deep holes and ledges occurs during the winter, when cold water sends the fish deep in search of more comfortable temps. Deepwater fishing is also productive during the summer, when fish retreat into deep holes, channels and ledges, seeking cooler water temperatures. Spring and fall find them thriving along marsh edges and oyster reefs, consuming baitfish and shrimp.

Isle Casino Hotel Biloxi
Point Cadet Marina

Capt. Scott Simpson
Capt. Sonny Schindler

Reels: Penn Conquer 4000.

Rods: Penn Torque jigging rods, 7-foot.

Lines: Sufix 832 Advanced Superline, 20-pound-test.

Leaders: Sufix InvisiLine fluorocarbon, 20-pound-test.

Hooks: In-line VMC Tournament Circle, 2/0.

Live bait: Shrimp.

Lures: Trigger X or Gulp! soft-plastics: chartreuse-pepper glow paddle-tail minnow and New Penny shrimp. Both baits paired with a quarter-ounce jig head.