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September 12, 2013

Hit the Road: Two must-fish Gulf destinations

These great Gulf spots prove anglers don’t have to travel far to find opportunistic waters. Bonus: no passport required.

#2: Louisiana

After seeing just how good the redfishing can be off coastal Louisiana, it’s quite easy to see why it’s also known as the Sportsman’s Paradise. Of course, just like at any destination, the quality of fishing highly depends on the conditions, but when it’s on — it’s really on. 


It’s hard to pinpoint a specific “Louisiana hot spot” because, in truth, various parts of the marsh can be going off at any given time. Because of that, many of the guides encourage their guests to fly into New Orleans and lodge there. This gives them flexibility when it comes to where exactly they will be fishing. The good and bad news about this is the same — staying in New Orleans can be a lot of fun, and it can also mean late nights. Even if you do hit the town a little too late, though, when your guide picks you up or it comes time to meet him at the dock, keep in mind that any given day in the marsh has the potential to be unforgettable. While the fall and winter months seem to be popular times to fish these waters, great redfishing can be had pretty much any time of the year. Be mindful that, if you choose to go during the winter months, it can get much colder than you’d think. Bring plenty of layers and be ready for wind and rain. If you go in the summer, well, just be prepared for some serious heat. As cold as it can get, it can get equally hot and humid. But again, anglers fishing anywhere in Louisiana should know that any given day and any given flat could hold a monster of a redfish. This fishery is one that every self-respecting, sight-fishing fly-angler needs to experience. The fish in these Cajun waters are plentiful and have the potential to grow to trophy proportions, and for the most part, they pounce on flies with authority.


Excerpted from Hit the Road — Five Must-Fish Destinations in Fly Fishing in Salt Waters.