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September 21, 2007

Marine Electronics 2003

Our annual roundup of the latest fishfinders, chart plotters, radars, navigation software, radios, GPS and more.
garmin gps 0

Garmin GPSMAP 188C Sounder

Garmin's new GPSMAP 188C Sounder offers exceptional value in a midsize chart plotter. The 188C displays BlueChart marine cartography and depth profiles in 16 colors. The 5" diagonal screen is vertically oriented for increased detail in depth-display profile, and is effective down to 1,500'. With fast redraw rate and crisp resolution, the unit offers a variety of single and split-screen display options. The GPS receiver is WAAS compatible, providing accuracy down to 3 meters. The entire surface-mount instrument weighs only 2.2 pounds and is perfectly sized for a variety of small and mid-sized fishing boats. Garmin, Olathe, KS; (913) 397-8200;

Marine Electronics

Standard Horizon CP1000 Chart Plotter

The new CP1000 from Standard Horizon is a 10.5" full VGA WAAS GPS daylight-viewable color chart plotter that features a big, 640-by-480-pixel, high-resolution display. Screen orientation is horizontal, which suits the C-MAPNT cartography. The unit is equipped with NMEA Master/Slave capability for dual-station operation off a single antenna, and dual video camera inputs are standard. An improved external GPS antenna offers a low profile and comes with 30 feet of cable. The CP1000 data-display page shows depth, speed, water temperature and wind data digitally, as well as trend information. This is cosmetically one of the family of Standard plotters, VHF receivers and digital instruments. Multiple, configurable NMEA data inputs and outputs allows for complete system integration. Standard Horizon, Cypress, CA; (714) 827-7600;

Northstar 958 Integrated Navigation System

The Northstar 958 Integrated Navigation System provides high-performance chart plotter, radar and fishfinder functions on a single 10.4" direct-sunlight-readable color display. Northstar's radar packages range from the 36-mile 4kW model to the 72-mile 12kW model, while antenna options range from a 2' dome to a 6.5' open array. The 958 comes with a choice of the company's dual-frequency sounders, available in either 600W or 1,000W versions. The 958 includes WAAS GPS for accurate positioning and gives the user access to its many functions through a range of split-screen configurations. Northstar Technologies, Acton, MA; (800) 628-4487;

Marine Electronics

Marine Electronics

Simrad RS 86/87 dVHF

The RS 86/87 dVHF is a black box VHF transceiver that is adaptable for a variety of communications functions. Available as either a fixed control panel (RS 86) or a hand controller (RS 87), this dVHF accommodates up to four control panel/controller combinations with an optional expansion board. Communications options include intercom, fore/aft hailer and manual or automatic fog signals. A spring-loaded cover protects the distress signal from inadvertant activation. The DSC information can be displayed on any Simrad 33, 42, 52 or later chart plotter screen, and an optional scrambler keeps your conversations private. Both models feature extra-large, extra-bright STLCD displays that are easy to read from all angles. Simrad, Lynnwood, WA; (425) 778-8821;


The IC-M602 from ICOM is a high-performance, full-function marine VHF radio that features an independent receiver that constantly monitors channel 70 while you go on about your communications business on other channels. A single antenna connector simplifies installation. Receive specifications of 80dB allow remarkably clear and noise-free received calls. Powerful audio output and a front-facing speaker further increase clarity. NMEA output allows connection to your GPS, which can then supply both outgoing and incoming position information. The 22Watt, 2-way hailer capability allows you to communicate with crew, other vessels or marina staff through a built-in amplifier that increases talk power for loud, clear voice transmission. ICOM America, Bellevue WA; (425) 454-8155;

Marine Electronics

Marine Electronics

Lowrance LCX-104C Sounder

The new LCX-104C from Lowrance - a 10.4" dual-frequency echosounder - offers rich color display, high-speed updates and high power output that rivals commercial machines, but is priced for the budgets of recreational fishermen. Memory holds 1,000 waypoints, 1,000 event markers and 100 routes with up to 100 waypoints each. Ten plot trails save up to 9.999 points per trail, and there is a choice of 42 graphic icons and 37 chart ranges from 0.05 to 4,000 miles. The LCX-104C is DGPS compatible and interfaces NMEA 0183. Fully daylight viewable, it also includes fluorescent, cold-cathode backlighting for night viewing. The standard package includes a patented, high-speed dual-frequency 200/50kHz Skimmer transducer with built-in sensor for temperature display and a transom-mount sensor for speed/distance log readings. Lowrance, Tulsa, OK; (800) 324-1356;

Raymarine SL 631 Chart Plotter

The new SL series chart plotters from Raymarine are designed for single-station installation popular on many private fishing boats, including center consoles. The series offers all the advanced technology and most of the features of the high-end systems, but you won't end up paying for a lot of features you don't need - such as multi-station and video capablility. The SL 631 comes packaged with the Raystar 120 satellite receiver. The plotter screen displays in full color and is daylight viewable. When linked with the Raychart navigation system, the 631 supports C-MAP's advanced NT vector cartography for paper-chart detail. Raymarine, Nashua, NH; (800) 539-5539;

Marine Electronics

Marine Electronics

Navman Fish 4500 Fishfinder

The Fish 4500 color fishfinder from Navman has all the features you'd expect from a larger, more-expensive unit, plus some of the value-added standard features for which Navman has become known. A 5" LCD screen displays 240 by 320 pixels and is daylight-viewable. Display features include bottom lock, A-scope, white line and zoom. The standard dual frequencies - 50 and 200 kHz - are selectable and the 4500 puts out 600 watts transmitting power. It's fully integratable with GPS and includes some useful additional features: speed and temperature indicators, engine hour meter and voltmeter, and an integrated fuel-management computer are all standard. The 4500 comes with a 2-year warranty. Navman, Nashua, NH; (603) 577-9600;

Furuno BBFF3 Sounder

Furuno's new BBFF3 is a high-power black-box network sounder that connects directly to a NavNet display or Ethernet hub to provide fishfinder data to multiple displays. Configurable for 1, 2 or 3 kW RMS, it's a dual-frequency sounder that can be customized for ranges between 2 and 1,200 meters, with range phasing up to 2,400 meters. Because it's a black-box unit, the mounting and display options are nearly endless, no matter how large or small a boat it's installed on. A broad range of frequencies is selectable through integration of Furuno's Free Synthesizer transceiver. Because it connects through NavNet, display screens can be split with the fishfinder and your choice of radar, chart plotter, NavData or video. Furuno, Camas, WA; (360) 834-9300;

Marine Electronics

Marine Electronics

Humminbird Matrix Series Fishfinders

The new Matrix series fishfinders from Humminbird are packed with advanced yet simple-to-use features and sport a sleek new design. Standard on all Matrix units is the new Sonar Echo Enhancement technology, which is so sensitive it can track an object as small as a BB down to 40 feet. While all Matrix units can be used in salt water, the model 55 displays digital charts of coastal areas. Other features of the 55 include standard temperature readout, navigation data (when linked to GPS), a large screen, track plotter, split-screen fishfinder/plotter display, depth readouts to 1,200', 240-by-240-pixel display and 500 watts of power. Suggested retail is $480. Humminbird, Eufala, AL; (334) 687-6613;

C-MAP Pro-Angler Pak

Two new collaterals from C-MAP have been designed especially for the needs of salt water anglers. The Pro-Angler Pak is a special series of C-cards that feature high-detail electronic charts that display bottom characteristics such as canyons, drop-offs, pinnacles and other underwater features useful in locating fish. Charts use the 1:250,000 scale and contain all contours found on official NOAA charts down to 10,000'. Also included in the Series is C-MAP's PC-Planner with a memory card, which allows you to view data and plan trips on a personal computer at home, then transfer that data to the electronics charting system on your boat. The Pro-Angler Pak also gives you access to SelectMarks, a collection of important navigational, fishing, diving and wreck sites. C-MAP/USA, Mashpee, MA; (508) 477-8010;

Marine Electronics

Marine Electronics

Interphase i-Scan Sonar

The i-Scan black box digital sonar from Interphase features fast, one-second updates that actually allow you to see movement of fish and bait on the display screen. The i-Scan provides complete screen updates from the surface ahead to the bottom for a full 90 ¿ view sector, making it ideal for shallow-water navigation, obstacle avoidance and fishfinding. The high-speed operation eliminates the need for additional motion sensors or clinometers typically required on slower, mechanical-speed sonars. The i-Scan opearates with most previously installed Interphase 200khz forward-looking transducers for an easy upgrade. The 1,000 watts of RMS power has a reach of 1,000' forward and 800' below the boat. Interphase Technologies, Soquel, CA; (831) 477-4944;

KVH eTrac Satellite Communications System

The all-new eTrac from KVH is a mini-C/GPS satellite communications system that provides mariners with worldwide affordable access to e-mail and real-time vessel position reporting. Six inches high and weighing 2.4 pounds, the fully integrated antenna contains a transceiver, antenna and 12-channel GPS receiver. The system supports all Inmarsat mini-C satellite network features including e-mail, position reporting and polling, fax, telex and mobile-to-mobile communications. The low operating cost of a penny per character combined with worldwide coverage makes this a great way to keep track of e-mail on extended excursions. eTrac connects easily to a laptop or onboard PC through a built-in interface for installation and communication, and all e-mail software comes packaged with the antenna. KVH Industries, Middletown, RI; (401) 847-3327;

Marine Electronics

Marine Electronics

Maptech Outdoor Navigator

Maptech's new Outdoor Navigator is designed to be used with a number of handheld PCs, including models from Palm, Sony, HandSpring and HandEra. The entire setup utilizes the handheld PC, a Magellan snap-on GPS and the Outdoor Navigator software. The Maptech library includes 65,000 maps and charts. To access the library, simply log on to the Maptech website and transfer the charts you want to a PC or Mac, then load them onto the personal computer using Palm's Hotsynch Manager. The digitized charts, once loaded, can be coupled with the Outdoor Navigator GPS software for a totally integrated chart plotter you hold in your hand. Purchase of the software includes a one-year subscription to the download service, which can be renewed for a fee after that. Maptech, Amesbury, MA; (888) 839-5551;

Magellan FX324 MAP Chart Plotter

The Magellan FX324 MAP is a GPS chart plotter that provides Navionics-based seamless cartography and comes preloaded with worldwide base maps of coastlines and tidal function/water-level information for hundreds of ports. The combination of intuitive operation, accuracy and reliability for which Magellan handhelds are known, combined with serious marine features, make this a great choice for a variety of fishing boats. The FX324 Map Color provides a high-resolution image in 16 colors on a 5" display. Engineered for the marine environment, the waterproof case and internal Quadrifilar antenna are well suited to installation on open boats. An optional external antenna is available for enclosed installation. Information displayed includes position, speed over ground, course over ground, range and bearing, velocity, cross-track error and more. It can store up to 100 waypoints and 30 routes of up to 50 waypoints each and six tracks of 1,000 points. Thales Navigation, San Dimas, CA; (909) 394-5000;

Marine Electronics

Marine Electronics

Nobeltec Depth Sounder with DSP

Nobeltec, a leader in PC-based navigation solutions, has introduced a fully integrated PC-based depthsounder. Using a technology called DSP (digital signal processing), Nobeltec's sounders penetrate deeper water with less power and provide excellent target acquisition. When integrated with any Nobeltec Navigation program, the Depth Sounder with DSP becomes a fully integrated navigational system, displaying electronic charts and position in real time and bottom depths all on the same PC screen. It plugs into the USB port on your PC, which needs 500 MHz operating speed processor, 128 MB RAM (256 recommended), SVGA or higher resolution monitor. Nobeltec, Portland, OR; (800) 946-2877;

Shakespeare Galaxy SRA-10 Antenna

The new Galaxy SRA-10 is a satellite radio antenna from Shakespeare, designed for use with the Sirius Satellite radio. The system offers 100 channels of commercial-free music, sports, talk radio and entertainment. The Galaxy SRA-10 requires no separate power cable or ground plane and includes a 25' low-loss micro-cable and connectors. An optional extension cable kit is available. The plastic flange mount is included and it is fitted with a standard 1"-14 thread fitting to match a variety of marine mounts and extension masts. The Galaxy comes with a one-year limited waranty. Shakespeare, Newberry, SC; (803) 276-5504;

Marine Electronics

Marine Electronics

KODEN CVS-842/CVS-852 Series Sounders

The new CVS-842/CVS-852 Series color LCD video sounders from KODEN feature 1kW, 3kW or 5kW power output, dual-frequency operation with any combination of 28, 50, 75 or 200 kHz, and KODEN's exclusive "Entire Image Control." Unlike conventional sounders, the CVS-842/852 Series has the ability to vary the gain and STC of the entire image, including previously captured images. This feature allows the user to go back and analyze ground that has already been covered in greater detail, including density of fish schools. The CVS-842 has 10.4" and CVS-852 has 15" TFT color LCD display. Basic depth ranges from 0-10' to 0-4000' on the 1kW and 3kW units, and from 0 to 8,000' on the 5kW unit. Sounders can be installed anywhere on the boat, on the table, tilted console space or even on the fly bridge, thanks to a strengthened waterproof design that exceeds IPX5 requirements. SI-TEX/KODEN, St. Petersburg, FL; (727) 576-5734;

Sea Tel Improved 98 Series TV Antenna

Improvements in the efficiency of Sea Tel's 98 Series stabilized TV antenna systems have resulted in a larger footprint in the upgraded 18" and 24" systems. Both the new models, now known as 1898 "S" and 2498 "S" have a new dish/feed combination that increases gain and efficiency and provides more satellite signal to the LNB and satellite receiver, allowing the user to travel farther offshore and continue to receive the signal. The higher gain levels also allow for less signal loss during rough weather. Both models retain the full-function control panel with LCD display that allows programming and troubleshooting without the need for additional computer equipment. Sea Tel, Concord, CA; (925) 789-7979;

Marine Electronics

Marine Electronics

Teleflex Morse i6000 TEC Engine Control

The new i6000 TEC Triple Engine Electronic Control has been developed for the specific needs of tournament boats, which now are commonly sporting triple-outboard configurations. The i6000 TEC simplifies harnessing this many horses by providing an alternative to the six-lever control systems. The i6000 offers control and versatility with only two levers, yet still allows specialized features such as individual engine control and triple engine trim. You have the ability to customize operation with three selectable modes for specific needs. In addition, the stock configuration includes start-in-gear protection, multiple forward and reverse throttle curves, split throttle ranges, programmable shift delays and engine synchronization. This controller can be used as a stand-alone or integrated with the TIS Magic Bus, and all other Teleflex electronics, including autopilot, engine monitoring, serial gauges and navigational systems. Teleflex Morse, Limerick, PA; (610) 495-7011;

Nautamatic TR-1 Gladiator Autopilot

The Gladiator from TR-1 Autopilots incorporates aerospace technology and two separate patents to improve performance and reliability. Because this proprietary technology does not include a rudder feedback transducer, this feedback is eliminated in the Gladiator. Shadow Drive allows you to engage and disengage the autopilot from the helm at all times. Grab the wheel for instant course changes, and when you release it, the device puts the boat back on course automatically. Step Turns allows you to turn the boat up to 90 degrees with the touch of a button. Control is via a handheld device that can be programmed for turn radius, trolling patterns, or any number of custom responses your fishing requires. Response to rotation of the boat is to less than a tenth of a degree. A high-precision gyrocompass with gold connectors and waterproof electronic control unit are standard with every unit. Nautamatic Marine Systems, South Beach, OR; (800) 5887655;

Marine Electronics

Marine Electronics

JRC JMA-2300 Series Radar

The JMA-2300 Series Green Screen Radar from JRC is so new that at press time it was still in the final stages of FCC approval. There are two models in the 2300 Series: the JMA-2343, which has a 4kW radome, and the JMC-2344, which features a 3.9", 6kW open-array configuration. Both utilize the latest in digital signal processing for excellent target identification and detection in a compact design. The 10" CRT incorporates soft keys designed to make menu selections easy and fast. The high quality of the display provides outstanding target definition and discrimination. An optional MARPA function allows you to track other vessels while displaying their course and speed. JRC, Seattle, WA; (206) 654-5644;

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