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Fishing Tackle
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Salt Water Sportsman
This reel handles any foe you might encounter offshore.
Salt Water Sportsman
Designed to accept a worm-style hook, the 5-inch-long Airhead can be fished through heavy cover.
Salt Water Sportsman
The forged-aluminum, braid-ready lever drag won't leave you under gunned.
Salt Water Sportsman
Designed specifically for fishing fragile live baits.
Salt Water Sportsman
The Cortez is a good fit for casting, vertical jigging and live-baiting for an array of species.
Salt Water Sportsman
The lures feature proprietary internal-weight positioning for erratic pop-and-dive action in the ­water.
Salt Water Sportsman
The most affordable reel in Accurate’s lineup.
Salt Water Sportsman
Berkley introduced larger sizes of its NanoFil this year, which is good news to inshore anglers looking for a small-diameter, long-casting, super-sensitive line.
Salt Water Sportsman
Years of research have culminated in the crisscross diamond design that adds life to the squid
Salt Water Sportsman
With a fast 6.2:1 retrieve, the Veloce 12 is perfect for jigging tuna
The hard vinyl device is designed to replace the cap on the bottle.
Salt Water Sportsman
Ande recently introduced its new 100 percent fluorocarbon leader in pink.
Salt Water Sportsman
A segmented body and thin paddle tail allow Paddlerz to be twitched or fished as swimbaits
Salt Water Sportsman
These rods will make quick work out of historically wrist-wrenching species like amberjack, snook and tuna.
Fly Fishing in Salt Waters
The 4200 series offers durable and lightweight reels that don’t cause fatigue after a day of casting
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