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May 09, 2011

Nick Honachefsky

Salt Water Sportsman
I’m no computer nerd, but I’m quickly becoming one, if for one reason only– Google Maps.  I used to use the Google Maps application to let a satellite hundreds of miles above the earth spy secret surfing breaks for Endless Summer type road trips, but now I’ve applied the tool to find sometimes undiscovered, but always promising, shorebound casting spots for redfish, speckled trout and flounder here in Florida. The detailed, photographic overhead satellite image allows you to zoom in and out to pinpoint hidden quays, points, sandbars, holes and channels, all while sitting at your desk.
striped bass
A look at five northeast fishing hot spots for the spring striped bass run
Salt Water Sportsman
One of my fondest teenage remembrances is the first days of freedom that were spawned from getting my driver’s license and the doors that it opened — the entire world was in my reach! Even better, I wouldn’t have to bum rides off my mom and dad to get to the fishing hole that was just a little too far to walk to. Certainly, I could really expand my horizons now and make the hour-and-a-half run down to Point Pleasant on the Jersey shore, a full bucket of killies and bags of frozen bunker in the front seat, hellbent on heading out for a fluke or bluefishing adventure on a party boat.
Salt Water Sportsman
Springtime cobia can run thick along Florida’s east coast
Salt Water Sportsman
Yeah, yeah, economic times are tough and believe me, my wallet feels it, but that doesn’t mean all my potential fishing adventures have to be squashed. Well, maybe the ones to Ecuador or New Zealand have to take a backseat for a little while, but the beauty of the proverbial fishing trip lies in the sense of adventure that local backyard spots can fill - getting away without really going away. Strategize and maximize the time and money that you do have.
Atlantic bonito
Light-tackle tricks for bonito and false albacore
Salt Water Sportsman
This past week I attended an outdoor writer’s gathering in Jensen Beach, Florida, organized by D.O.A. Lures and hosted by River Palms Fish Camp. The mornings and afternoons were filled with sightcasting opportunities for snook, seatrout, and redfish, and by all accounts, the fishing was pretty darn good. After fishing, the writers would either nap, retire to the bar, or grab some dinner, then hit the sheets for an early-morning rise.
Salt Water Sportsman
While there are many solid new lures developed by manufacturers on the market for the 2013 year, three struck my eye at the ICAST convention in Orlando, Florida today. First, Northeast striped bass anglers will be pleased with Strike Pro’s Ron Arra new line of Surf Pro Needlefish plugs, designed to effectively fool wary linesiders during the night hours, boasting a cypress wood construction and built with heavy duty one-piece construction; $19.99.
Salt Water Sportsman
The second round of ICAST continued to pop with wow factor as I walked through the aisles, inundated by even more innovations in gear, rods, reels, and accessories.