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Posted on Sep 25, 2012 in Short Strikes
Salt Water Sportsman
“Dead zones” occur in the most of the world’s oceans. These massive plumes are devoid of life as nothing is capable of surviving there. Most fishermen have heard of the Gulf of Mexico’s Dead Zone, but few understand what it actually is. Here are the basics...The Mississippi River serves as the drainage basin for over forty-percent of the continental United States. As such, the aggregate runoff and seepage makes its way into the Mississippi where it’s carried downstream and into the Gulf of Mexico. Read More
Posted on Sep 17, 2012 in Short Strikes
Salt Water Sportsman
My topwater sloshed mindlessly until the waterlogged Spook muttered Uncle. Other “can’t miss” favorites followed with nary a nip. Seems I was staring a no-hitter directly in the snoot.On occasions fish shut down, seemingly growing tired of popular offerings. No matter the reason, when a fish’s fancy turns finicky show them something a bit off the beaten path. Read More
Posted on Sep 7, 2012 in Short Strikes, Gulf of Mexico fishing
Salt Water Sportsman
Abandoned oil rigs are a rich, environmental resource when “reefed.” Reefing is the practice of toppling these superstructures after subsequently plugging wells, decommissioning platforms, and blanking pipelines. Once sunk, the empty hull provides prime eco-habit for marine life.However, a quagmire of governmental red tape must be waded through, along with exorbitant fees footed to obtain permitting to reef rigs. In fact, of all the decommissioned rigs, somewhere around two-percent have actually made their way to the bottom — ultimately providing new aquatic sanctuary. Read More
Salt Water Sportsman
Hurricane Isaac pummeled the Gulf Coast with winds in excess of 75 miles-per-hour, while dumping more than 20-inches of rain. As locals begin the long slog of drying-out and patching things up, the fishing beat goes on. Captain Sonny Schindler, of Shore Thing Charters in Diamondhead, MS shared his “post-hurricane pattern” with us. Read More