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December 24, 2008

Awesome new Power-pole technique with/redfish assist

Crystal blue skies, low, low water, zero wind, and a slight falling tide

Crystal blue skies, low, low water, zero wind, and a slight falling tide. Perfect conditions for fly fishing the Lower Laguna Madre. Get ready for an awesome fishing adventure!! I was in my Hell's Bay skiff zipping along in 8" of water headed out of the Arroyo Colorado for the Three Island area when I ran over some redfish. I said what the heck and shut down. After about 5 minutes of drifting very slow (about 1 ft. every 5 seconds), the fish started to settle down and resume their "Pig Out". My first cast was to an 8 lb. trout in a white bath tub size sand hole. Bam, fish on! After about 45 seconds of head shakes, and strong runs, she can unbuttoned at the boat. What a start. I continued my drift as I was fishing solo and had no one to trade off poling duties. Tailing
redfish started to pop up everywhere and I mean everywhere. My next cast was to a 6lb. tailing redfish. I was using a #4 white synthetic/rabbit unweighted streamer with a weed guard. Bam, redfish on! I quickly lowered my trusty Power-pole and stopped the boat to fight the fish. As I got the fish close I realize that the redfish could pull the bow of the boat around at will with no wind and a very weak tide. I had a BRAINSTORM!! I let the redfish pull the bow around until I was in line with the next tailing redfish and raised my Power-pole. Then the redfish pulled me over to within casting distance of my next target. What a concept!!! I quickly released the redfish only to be in perfect position for my next target. I don't need no stinking Pole-meister. I pulled off this new technique about six times before I decided to just stake up Florida Tarpon style and let the reds come to me. In about 3 hours of fishing I hooked 24 redfish and the one monster trout. On my last two fish I pulled off my patent pending (HA) Texas-Two-Step technique. I cast to and hooked a redfish with my fly rod, then backed off the drag, let the fish run, and put my fly rod in my casting basket. Then I picked up my spinning rod with a soft plastic and cast to another red. Bam, fish on. I quickly beat the two fish and released them. At that point my fish fighting arm was screaming no more. Enough is enough. I pulled up my Power-pole and headed home for a frosty one on my dock to reflect. Wow!!!!