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November 28, 2010

Port Canaveral Offshore Fishing 11-27-10

Port Canaveral Deep Sea Fishing Charter

Fishing Report 11-27-10

The Weather. Its a big factor when planning an offshore fishing trip any time of year, but especially as the north winds begin their annual advance. My clients had a 4 day window, to go deep sea fishing and we waited untill the last moment to decide which day to go with. Saturday it was, and despite how rough the conditions were, it was still likely the best day. The ride trip out, despite the wet ride, and chop was not that bad, and a 35mph cruise had us out 33 miles from Port Canaveral for our first stop at an AJ hole.

Despite no fish marking, we dropped down bait, and made pass's. Finally we had a hookup, but not where you would normally expect an AJ, hanging above the structure, but on the bottom. As we passed the wreck, I had them drop the lines to the bottom, and thats where the hookup came from. Perhaps something had them hanging in the structure, hiding their sonar image. Several more pass's were made with only the one fish caught. Rain started and the winds picked up, so we decided to move on to try some more sport

We headed northwest towards the 20 mile bouy, Now at at slower pace of 25mph, with the winds shifting from west to north, and increasing in intensity, we took the pounding sea's as they picked up. With the bouy in sight in the distance, we crossed a weak weedline. A bulewater eddy was seen on sattelite a couple days ago in this area, but with the strong westernly winds, it had pushed the good color out past 200'. We set out 2 flatlines, and one on a planer, with Wahoo colors, Purple and Black. about 10 minutes into the run, the deep rig went off, and the run was very Wahoo like. Unfortionatly it did not last, with only a shreded bait being retrieved. We continued on, towards the bouy, with on more hit on the deep rig, but no hookup. We pulled bait past the weather bouy, with no action. A few more pass's with no action, and the reason why became apparent, Dolphin (aka:Flipper) . were feeding around the bouy. We could either continue to seek out the faint weedline, or head towards structure.

With the winds and sea's increasing, we decided to heads towards the coast rather than away from it. We made a stop at the 20fthms reef, and made several drift's wilth little action, so towards 8A we went. Sea's were still increasing, but we made our way there. We finally saw our first boat of the day, the Orlando Princess party boat. All of the
other small boaters were either not as brave as us, or perhaps just smarter! So to fishing we went. Too rough to anchor, we just made multiple drift's. The first drop was the usual 8A pattern. Have a fish on within 5 seconds of the bait reaching the bottom. Despite being smaller fish that what we were targeting earlier in the day, this was now "Catching" for everyone. Of coarse many short SeaBass must be caught to get a keeper, but there were keepers to bring home. Trigger and Lane Snapper were also added to the icebox.

The birds were all over the reef, following schools of False Albicore Tuna (aka FAT Alberts or Little Tuny). We did not target these, but they did find us a few times. Once hooked my guest had a blast. These Red Meat fish are very fast and especially this time of the year when they have bulked up from the summer of feeding ack like a cafeene junky on steroids!

The sea's at 8A were now the biggest we had seen all day, with the white caps starting to break in some cases. Some waves were also tall enough to block out the horizon when we were in the thouth so we decided to head in, With a few dinners worth of good eats in the icebox, and a lot of fish caught, it was a good trip despite the rough

Besides bringing food home, they probably saved some money while on vacation.....after the days ride, they can scratch "Wet-N-Wild" off their 'to do' list!

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