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January 07, 2011

Port Canaveral Offshore 12/29; 12/30; 12/31 on the Wile E Coyote

3 day combined Port Canaveral Offshore fishing report

With three charters in a row, and three totally different sets of conditions, the results were redictably.....totally different!

Wednesday started of with me leaving my house west of Mims and the thermometer reading 18deg. It was 36deg when we left the port to start the charter, but warmed up nicely as the day went on. We worked due east hoping to find some warm water without having to burn a lot of time and gas,
but that was not the case. The 20 mile bouy was still around 67deg waters, and no activity. We headed out to some deeper structure, with water temps still below 70 and found a well defined rip at 180'. Water was cool, but we worked it anyway. There were a lot of weed inside it, dozens
of turtles, a Sunfish, but no baitfish were seen, and no action on out bait. We moved on and found some weeds at 240'. Here we found many sharks between 3' and 4' long. We caught and released some for fun, and also found some oceanic Triggers along the weedline. Though hoping for some
action along the weedline, they were wanting to make sure fish was brought home for dinner. We headed to Pelican Flats to do that.

Sea Bass, Triggers and a lot of catch and release Vermillions were caught, but Blacktip Sharks were there,
and added both fight and food to the trip. A few 30 to 40 pounders were hooked up and released, until a keeper was brought in. This provided a nice fight and a lot of good meat for the trip.

Thursdays weather was great. My group for this trip was not your normal charter group. A grandmother with her 2 daughters, and two grand-children were on this trip. The sea's were fairly flat, and it was 40mph all the way out and in. We started at Pelican, were only 16 hours earlier we we catching Blacktip Sharks, but none would be seen this trip. We caught the usual Sea Bass, Triggers, and a lot
of Vermillion which were released.

I wanted to pull anchor and hove, but they liked the nonstop catching where we were, so we stayed, adjusting anchorline and drift direction with the motors to add a little variety. With good weather, the sea's were packed with anglers. there were likely 50 to 60 boats at Pelican alone. There were some great arial displays of Manta Rays leaping, with us seeing at least a dozen. There were several Cobia spotted, but not much in reports of catching. We saw a few, and offerered everything we had with no interest, from Pinfish to squid. Boats near us reported the same, Back to the docks for fish cleaning we went.

Friday was miserable offshore. With this being the only avalible for my two clients, we headed out of Port Canaveral to try to get to some calm waters, but that was not to be. We stopped on our trip east at 8A to take a break from the waves and wind, and fish a little. The sea's did not look like they were going to get better anytime soon, so we anchored up, and fished. With the two of them on board, it did not take long to limit on Sea Bass. ARS were caught and released. We really needed to move to find other fish if we were going to stay out, but with sea's rough, and 1 of the 2 guest finding the ill effects of the sea's, we decided to head towards port and spend some time fishing in calmer waters. We did see a Mola Mola and Manta at 8A this trip.

As we were leaving 8A, around noon, a small, 20' open center console showed up, no T-top to hold onto, and 3 men aboard fishing. I have been in lesser sea's where they posted smallcraft advisories, but this day, at this location was not a good place for a small boat to be. When we were in the trough, we had to look UP to see the top of the white capped wave crest. One party boat showed up about 11:30, but did not look like many people were on it. With a limit of Sea Bass that meant a lot of cleaning, but as a
good eating member of the Grouper family, we did not mind, given the conditions we had.

Captain Henry
ACME Ventures llc
Deep Sea Fishing Charters Port Canaveral
602 Glen Cheek Dr., Cape Canaveral Fl