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December 26, 2010

Port Canaveral Offshore 12-25-10

Port canaveral Offshore 12-25-10

The days weather started great out of Port Canaveral. Wind was flat, air was crisp, yet mellow, and most importantly, sea's were calm. Actually they were about 5', but as 12 sec long period swells. It was a 40mph ride out. I was taking the boat out to diagnose an issue with the Port Motor before a potential busy next week of Charters. I found the problem, and its a simple fix, so good news.

On to Fishing. Heading to Pelican Flats, about 2 to 3 miles to go, a few square miles of heavy bird action, and bait crashing was taking place. It was likely that these were Tuny's, but it merited a stop. A few ballyhoo were set out, and a path was weaved around this party. No takers however. These fish were all fairly small, and the bait they were hitting were glass minniow sized. We could have used some small lures to catch them, but I was after Good Eats.

On to Pelican. One pass up and down the lenth of Pelican resulted in (2) shreaded Ballyhoo, but no hookups. There were several commercial boats working the area, and I was really more interested in sweet meat anyhow. I anchored up at one of my favorite spots, and got started. Although only there about 4 hours a lot of Good Eats were brought back. Several kepper sized, but smaller Triggers were
released to grow some more, but these came home. I had a friend with me on the trip, but he was only really interested in big fish, so forsook catching any of the smaller game. I would get a pinfish every once in a while and pass it off to him for bait, but he was content with waiting and relaxing. I however, was content with nonstop up and down with my small bottom rig, and filling a cooler with Trigger, Sea Bass, Lane, and a Shark! A dozen or so Vermillion Snapper were also caught and released since they are closed until the end of March.

Wind swithed to the SW around lunchtime, and really started to pick up, so we only stayed till about 1:30, and then crashed some waves on the ride in. A lot of fish means a lot of cleaning, but its worth it!

Captain Henry
ACME Ventures llc
602 Glen Cheek Dr. Cape Canaveral Fl.
Deep Sea Fishing Port Canaveral on the "Wile E Coyote"