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November 20, 2010

Port Canaveral Offshore 11-18-10

Port Canaveral Offshore 11-18-10

Fishing Report 11-18-10 Port Canaveral

I usually like writing fishing reports, and our interesting catch's and battles make it fun to talk about. Every great 'once in a while' though fishing is slow. The conditions looked good overnight as winds
offshore dropped to 5-10 as forecast, and waves also flattened out. Winds were not forecast to pick-up till afternoon, so we hoped for a nice fishing window.

Well.....The ride out was great, but it did not take long until the winds started picking up. Out of the North at 10-15kts, the winds caused the chop to increase quickly, making slow trolling miserable. We did manage an hour upon arrival at 8A, but nothing.......not even a shark, which have been littering the reef's as late as last week! With a Youngun onboard who was the primary reason for the trip, we changed gears to drop to the bottom. As usual, along the ridge is very active. This time started as it usually does, with a fish hooked within seconds of the bait reaching the bottom. The first fish on the scene are usually grunts and Sea Bass. Many fish were caught, but most Sea Bass were
undersized. We caught a Weakfish on the reef this trip, so there was some variety. A couple hours into bottom fishing and the bite died. Some nibbles and a few fish caught, but a sudden and drastic
change took place....the bite shut down.

With wind-wave chop throwing spray now, we decided to try something different. We made a run into the south side of the horn of the cape to get into some sheltered waters. The shoals now had a line of breakers forming, so we inched our way through, then the sea's were flat. We hugged the coast and surf fished with only small Croakers and Bluefish to show for. We worked our way around to the port, and the jetties a while, but again very slow bite. My guest had all the fish they planned to take back, enough for dinner, so all was not lost, but still not what I wanted. Had we roughed out the conditions, the bite offshore may have picked back up, however the water at 8A was very dirty, and
the cloud cover diminished the reflectivity of our bait while slow trolling, so its hard to say if the conditions would change that much, in the days time.

We did see one nice sight this trip, a flying Manta Ray Making a few leaps out of the water. My guest we very impressed with that. Also a UAV was being flown around the cape, at very low altitude. We
waved every time is flew by, firguring someone would see us! BTW, we did try finding the Manta, to see if any Coboa were near, but the dirty water made that impossible.

Next trip is next week, hopefully weather will cooperate, as we will be heading out a bit farter that trip hunting for Blue Waters! .

Captain Henry
ACME Ventures llc
"Deep Sea Fishing Charter on the Wile E Coyote - Port Canaveral"