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October 16, 2010

Port Canaveral Offshore 10-14-10

Port Canaveral Offshore 10-14-10

Fishing Report 10-14-10

Today was a bottom fishing trip to 8A reef with a couple from Texas. Sea's were forecast as 1-2 with winds 5-10. This normally means ideal and smooth sailing. It was not quite that however, Though sea's rarely went above 2', the winds were a
little stronger and out of the NW. Its made it "Choppy", but not bad otherwise. Out at 8A before sunrise we established our drift so as to set anchor. It was a little difficult with conflicting winds and current. Our initial drift was different when we were close to the ridge depending on us being east or west of it. We finally set anchor with us pointed NW. Though the winds pushed us generally SE, our freelined baits
drifted North! We heard the reports all day of the Kayaker reported missing, and also when the empty Kayak was found. We drifted at about 1/2 mph towards the east, so its not surprising that the kayak was found 20 miles offshore. Helicopters were seen
and heard most of the day.

To Fishing. We knew sharks were on the reef, and they dominated the day. With the limit of 3 on ice, it was catch and release the rest of the day. Sea Bass and Trigger were also caught and added, including one nice fat 21" Trigger. Of coarse the fish that you would think don't exist were caught (Red Snapper), with a half dozen caught and all but one over 20". Remember this is 8A at the tail end of summer with the water still warm. Most of the ARS are in deeper waters yet.

Our trip in saw False Albicores crashing baitpods again. We pitched small topwater lures right into the middle and no takers. They again were hitting very small baitfish, so next trip we will have to take some Pilchards along for a light tackle fight.

We headed back to port by way of the scenic route, hugging the surfline. Running within a hundred yards of the beach off the cape is nice with westernly winds making the water like glass. The mullet were jumping along the shoreline marking the presence of preditors. Setups like this could make for a fun fishing day itself, without ever getting more than a stones throw from the beach.

Back to clean fish and the boat to get ready for the next time out. Next Friday weather permitting, we will be out trolling for whatever wanders into our part of the ocean!

Captain Henry
ACME Ventures llc