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October 16, 2010

Port Canaveral Offshore 10-12-10

Poer Canaveral Offshore 10-12-10

Fishing Report 10-12-10 Port Canaveral Offshore

With a nice fishing and weather day Sunday, we were hoping for more of the same on this trip. We went with the same gameplan, however the weather though nice was different. Wind direction changed and some dark clouds and showers out were we were starting had us fighting to see the water surface for weeds. We started 33 miles out at a wreck to try for AJ's and much like Sunday, toothy critters were there. A couple cut-offs, and then double hook-ups. These felt like AJ's, but the fight lasted only a few
minutes. One fish threw the hook, and the other while pulling strong had another "thud" to the pull and went limp. My thought was either a Cuda grabbed at the verticle jig hanging from the likely AJ, or a larger Shark
grabbed a little more! Either way a naked line was retrieved, with a scared and cut 150lb mono leader.

My guest really wanted to hook a Sailfish. Some were caught the most recent Saturday so we were hopefull. We started looking for weedlines of floating structure, but most was very scattered, and had no results when making a pass by. We worked out way in from 280' towards the weather
bouy with nothing more than small bits of weed here and there. The bouy had a few boats around it, and we added to the mix, of fishless pass's. Off to some more structure at 120'.

Radio traffic was light despite nice weather and sea's. About the only report of any catch was one Cuda while trolling. We drifted the 120' Brevard County artifical several times with onlShark, Sea Bass and small Vermillions to show for.

Again a time to try something else. Into shallower waters looking for weedlines we went. Just inside 100' we found it, running north-south as compared to the east west on Sunday. We set lines out and ran several miles with nothing. We finally resigned ourselves to the fact
that like other coments on the VHF, the fish just were not biting. Into shallower water we went.

Now at 8A we felt that at least we would have some activity, even if only Sea Bass and Triggers. The bite was SLOW. It was now 2pm so maybe it was an afternoow slump. We did catch some small Sea Bass and Shark, but nothing like the typical 8A or Pelican activity. In to port we went, by way of the beachline.

We did see several baitpods being crashed like Sunday, with Tuny's hitting very small baitfish. They again did not want anything we cast towards them. Towards the beach for a run back to Port we went, with at least some fish to clean.

Some neat things seen this trip that made a slow fishing day still memorable was the largest pod of Dolphins I have ever seen offshore, numbering perhaps a hundred or more. We spent much time idling through this area, with theri playfull disposition keeping the attention of my guest. After pics were taken off we went. We also saw a large ray,
not dark like a Manta breach the surface and fly at least 6' out of the water. It was perhaps a Spotted Eagle Ray.

Back at port to clean fish, the reports had most people recalling a very slow day. Back out Thursday (10-14-10), and hopefully a hotter bite.

Captain Henry
ACME Ventures llc
602 Glen Cheek Dr. Cape Canaveral .