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February 28, 2011

Port Canaveral Offshore 02-26-11

Trolling the gulfstream, and Pelican Flats reef fishing

Today our gameplan with calm sea's was to head deep for trolling. In only 45 minutes we were 30 miles out and at a pronounced Rip running North-South. We worked the line South for most of the day, using a variety of offerings, from islanders, skirted and naked Ballyhoo, and large diving plugs. No activity was seen. Many boats were out, and a lot of radio activity but light catch reports. The catch reports seemed to be in closer in 120-140' waters. A lot of Cobia reports, with some catch's were also heard. A common theme both on the radio and back at the docks
was that despite good numbers seen, hookups were not reflective of the number seen.

We finally made the call to come in and hit the reef. By the time we got into Pelican it was mostly empty. Apparently those still hunting Cobia had moved in to 50' waters (as we would see on the way in). We anchored up
and started catching. Lane Snapper and Trigger were the icebox additions, despite limitless Sea Bass and Vermillion Snappers being caught and released. We had a few large Bluerunners circling the boat, and we played with those on light tackle. Finally nice color was seen on the surface
comming towards the boat. Mahi. Three of them in the 10lb size. everything was offered from Squid, Sardines, a couple different jigs, and even a small live Pinfish, but they took a look and left. We chummed and managed a few return
pass's, but same result. A nice Red Grouper was brought up to get its picture taken before being forced to release it due to the closure.

About ready to pull anchor and head in, what looked like a 5 to 5 1/2 foot Cuda slowly came towards the boat. I scrambled to find tackle to offer it, so as to allow my guest a good fight. The pace picked up when as it got a little closer its Blue Color and Verticle Stripes told us it was a fish we really wanted........Wahoo! We were still anchored, and I didnt want to have my spinning rods spooled, so I pitched a large verticle jig, rigged with wire and worked it by, It looked a few times, but finally swam away. We had no live bait left, so anchor came in, and we trolled the area, but nada!

Heading in we found a floating tree, and as always stopped to look.A nice sized Tripletail was hanging on it, so we pitched artificals to it, with no results. Then we tried a squid on a jighead, pulling it in front of it. Nothing. I finally bounced it off its head, and got its attention, and the fight was on. I handed the light tackle off
to my guest for a nice fight. Back to shore we went to clean fish, with a nice bonus addition to the icebox on the ride in. With the weather as it was this trip, beautiful
conditions, it was worth the ride without bringing fish home. Some nice fish was a "Perk" however!

Captain Henry
ACME Ventures llc
602 Glen Cheek Dr., Cape Canaveral Fl
Deep Sea Fishing Charters Port Canaveral
"wile e Coyote"