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July 12, 2010

Fishng Report 07-09-10 Port Canaveral Offshore

Fishng Report 07-09-10 Port Canaveral Offshore

Fishing Report 07-09-10

The calm sea's that we have been experiancing have been hard to beat. Fridays trip was no exception. If only the fish would cooperate. We were hoping to repeat the Cobia-A-Thon from the previous Fridays trip, but the shoals were empty of Ray's, and only a few small bait pods were around. We freelined a few livies, with shark being the only takers. Water temp's were up considerably from last week, so that may have gotton them on the move. We hit some other spots with similar results, and decided to move out. We wreck hopped and managed a nice Red Grouper, and several larger sized SeaBass. We found some temp breaks with scattered weed and could not pass by without at least trying, but with no fish. We did spot a Sailfish hitting some surface bait, and gave it a shot, but again this just was not the day. Nearing day's end and 30 miles out, we opted for a shot at a few AJ's. We found some large fish marking close above the City's Tankers, and dropped some live bait down. It got results, but with it so close to structure, the big pull of the fish quickly added the backbone of the structure to the fight. We should have taken more time to try chumming them up a little off the tankers and away from so much steel. Our lead was comming up fairly warm, so the cool bottom temps of a week ago also left. The wind and sea's went flat by the time we decided to head in, so it was getting pretty hot. The flat sea's allowed us some air conditioning at a 40 to 45 mph ride back to port. Though not a great day of fishing, we had a great day on the water, and some very playfull dolphins gave us some entertainment along the way. The several pounds of fresh fillets was not bad either.

Captain Henry
ACME Ventures Fishing
"Wile E Coyote"
602 Glen Cheek Dr. Port Canaveral