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September 22, 2009

Unbelievable Fishing on Fraser river this Autumn!

Huge Sturgeon, Big King Salmon, 20 million Pink salmon...

Hello Anglers
Salmon and Sturgeon fishing report for the Fraser river--
We have our NEW BOAT now!! A 21 ft Custom Weld Storm, a great fishing machine for up to 5 clients with comfort and style!
The Salmon fishing is on fire right now!! call 604-864-5445 for bookings. The Fraser river is packed with 50,000 King salmon right now and these fall fish get big(over 50 lbs).
Sturgeon fishing is HOT right now with lots of very big fish. Average size for us is about 6 feet or 120 lbs! and we have been getting lots of fish in the 200-300 lb class and of course their are those monster 800+ lbs for a few people each year. If you want to fight monster freshwater fish with an attitude then come up. Sturgeon fight like Marlin and Mako shark, very impressive! with long screaming runs, jumps, violent head shakes and more!
The Fraser river is clogged with 20 million Pink salmon! and everybody is catching these scrappy fish! Expect to catch fish after fish for any ages!!
You may keep 4 Pinks/day. Guests on our fishing charters are hooking up to 75 fish each per day! Expect good fishing for Pinks for another week or 2.
There are quite a few big fall Chinook(King) salmon in the Fraser river and we know where they hide and what they like.

We expect great fishing in the Fraser valley until late November as usual.
If you've never been on the Fraser your missing out on a spectacular resource! All of our clients have been very impressed with the scenery, the fishing and the service. Typical Autumn time fishing is excellent and expect to see plenty of Bald eagles, big mountains and more salmon than you would ever dream of.

It looks like we'll have a great season with plenty of fish. 2009 is going to be one of those banner years, why not book with one of the best producing guides on the river. We also offer multiple day fully inclusive fishing holidays!

Chinook Salmon retention as of Sept 1: There is no slot size, 4 fish allowed but only one may be greater than 62cm. Did you know that the average size Chinook is 20-25 lbs!

We know the river very well and our experience means you can expect a great day on the river! This is a year round job for me, I'm in touch with the river and its fish. If you want a great fishing trip then please call us and we'll give you a memorable day with a very skilled guide!! Each time I am out on the river there are fish consistently being taken by myself and a few others that are in the 'know'.

The Fraser river Sockeye Disaster of 09
It's no secret anymore that all along the south/mid coast certain wild salmon runs have been devastated as a direct result of current Fish farming practices(Fraser river Sockeye disaster). These Atlantic salmon fish farms are completely non sustainable for the earth and DO NOT offer a better way to feed people. If you want to save wild salmon please don't eat farmed salmon. It's deceptively labelled sometimes as 'BC salmon' but you can be assured that if you buy Sockeye, Pink, Chum then it's wild! and healthy. Farmed salmon have 2-3 times the fat along with PCB's, nerve toxins and antibiotics. Years of scientific research has concluded that in areas shared by fish farms and migrating juvenille wild salmon(Fraser river salmon and Sockeye too) there is a mortality rate that often exceed 80%!! Don't even think for a minute that 'global warming' is the problem because recent scientific data shows that water temperatures/conditions and food supplies in the Pacific Northwest are at ideal conditions for salmon and are predicted to be that way for the next decade or longer. The problem is the juvenilles are being decimated by sea lice infestations from fish farms plus the many diseases that are outbreaking from these death factories!! They dont make it past the farms to reach the food where they can grow and return to their rivers. Worldwide Scientists and accredited professionals are all posting the warnings that the Fish farm industry needs to change it's ways or most Southwest BC wild salmon stocks could be extinct in 10 years or less. There are still however a lot of very corrupt people in high places who are acting as if they are getting paid by the Fish farm industry and spewing all kinds of lies that goes against every properly researched scientific report out there and there are hundreds of these reports.
Check out this SHORT VIDEO:
made by our friends at 'Calling from the Coast' featuring Alexandra Morton who has spent years researching how fish farms are killing wild Pacific Salmon.
The best thing people can do is:

Don't buy farmed salmon, commonly found in Sushi and many restaurants. And remember that people change the world all the time, so we can easily win this.
If you want more info check out our website, call or email me and I'll send an info kit.